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About Us

Vishvakshema Trust

“Our Vision and Mission Statement”

We envision a future wherein, the children from this Gurukulam become successful leaders in personal, professional and social life, upholding the Spiritual values.

We are here to preserve and disseminate the ancient knowledge systems and integrate the same with the contemporary systems of knowledge. We are here to create physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually a healthy society, wherein material and spiritual development complement each other. We believe that the whole world is one big family and hence to serve humankind and work for the universal welfare is our bounden duty.

Our Aims

Preserving and propagating the Vedic wisdom and Spiritual heritage for larger good.

Establishing Gurukulams integrating Vedic studies and modern education.

Preserving and promoting Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Yoga, and other ancient arts.

Social welfare & developmental activities for the upliftment of rural poor and downtrodden.

Establishing Goshalas to preserve and promote cows of Indian breed.

Regular prayer programs for Universal Welfare

Our Activities


Daily Annadanam

Educational support for rural poor children

Financial support for basic needs of the rural poor people

Infrastructural support for rural schools


Support for physically challenged

Founder – Visionary
Sri V. Sowmyanarayanacharya
1966 – 2007

“Recover the Vedanta, the Gita and the Yoga. Recover them not only in intellect or sentiment but in your lives. Live them and you will become strong, mighty, invincible and fearless. Difficulty and impossibility will vanish from your vocabularies”.

– Maharishi Aurobindo


Reviving Ancient Knowledge Systems for Human Advancement

The Vedas and Upanishads are considered to be the fountainhead of knowledge and wisdom and the foundation of the Indian culture and civilization. They are the very basis of Sanatana Dharma. While many ancient civilizations have perished, the Sanatana Dharma has stood the test of the time and has been functioning amidst so many foreign invasions, political upheavals, and cultural shocks.

By what strange social alchemy could India have overcome all these obstacles? It is the Vedic Civilization, Culture, Religion, Language and Philosophical Systems, which permeated through the veins and nerves of the Indian society that virtually kept our Sanatana Dharma growing and maintain its stature till today.

Under the project name “RAKSHA”, Vishvakshema Trust has conceived four major areas to focus upon that will bring forth the ancient knowledge systems and their relevance and their usefulness to the modern life. The four major projects are:


Centre for Vedic & Samskrit Studies and Research


Centre for Indological Studies


Centre for Yogic Sciences Studies


Centre for Ayurvedic Research and Treatment

“धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः”

One who protects Dharma, is protected by the same Dharma.